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This website is linked to a couple of others which were originally run on behalf of journalist's collectives. These groups are no long active. See Age-aware above, and the Plateau Group site below.
Science Corruption The corporate corruption of science was run on a global scale. These are extensive alphabetic listings by individual and organisational names -- with access to original corporate documents.
Australia's tobacco lobbyistsThe international tobacco tactical group of about a dozen Australian corporate lobbyists were drawn originally from Philip Morris Australia, with some from Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, and lawyers (Donna Staunton/Julie Bishop) working through Clayton Utz/Robinson Cox (Perth).
Crossroads and other piecesThese are mainly from the weekly science & technology supplement The Australian newspaper 1993-2003. I have also included a few other articles still of interest.
ECONOMICS"Why You Don't Understand Economics ... and nor do they!". This is a multi-section study of economics from the base up. It seeks to expose many of the failures of economic ideologies.
AUSTRALIAN HISTORY A revision of the claims made about Australia's two "invasions" -- the first 45,000 years ago, and the British one in 1788. Australian history as taught in our schools is crap.
Just Ideas Essentially these are just some random ideas that I've noted over the years that are worth pursuing. Some are social, some are political, but most are just basic technology.
Sense & Nonsense There are many causes of misunderstanding in the Australian community. I plan to develop a web-site with good examples and explanations about the various fallacies and misunderstandings commonly circulating -- not necessarily maliciously. Help welcome.
Plateau Group The Plateau group was an on-line group of Australian journalists who mainly exchanged ideas about facilities for the aged ... also the promotion of small and basic electric road vehicles suitable for short-distance travel, and ways to provide suitable small houses in ideal locations for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged (especially single parents with one or two kids).
Politics Some general material about the state of politics in Australia, and questions about the Constitution, Voting practices, etc.
Telecommunications There are many ways for governments to attack the Spam problem, and to organise international cooperation to oppose the corruption and destruction of electronic mail. With only a modicum of effort and finance these electronic communications systems could reach a potential many times more useful than they are today.